No Meeting in February - We’ll be back in March

We're off to WESTPAC III, March 7-10, 2013
Hyatt Regency, Phoenix, Arizona
Contact: Peg Browne, RPT (928-476-4143)

Our Multi-Chapter meeting brought members from 5 out of 6 chapters (we're still trying to reel in Santa Barbara).

We had a great turnout for what turned out to be Roger Jolly's last meeting for PTG. Roger Jolly is a piano technician who wears many hats - retail piano store owner, concert technician, former VP and head of R&D for Samick and instructor at various PTG functions. He started out as an electrical engineer working for companies such as Hewlett Packard. How he came to design the new line of Knabe Grand Pianos, work for Billy Joel, Liberace, Angela Hewitt and others, and own two piano stores in Canada is another story.

His program touched on the importance of listening to individual strings and to understand how to handle false beats, phasing, string seating as part of tuning. One thing he learned working with a manufacturer where he had a team of factory workers at his will, was to see damage that can be even during stringing. More false beats are created rather than removed by hitting (seating) the strings which can create a notch right at the termination point. As a result, he no longer recommends hitting the string with a hammer shank or brass drift but rather use a rubbing motion near the bridge pins using the tuning mute. We had a new Yamaha C7 and a new Knabe grand for demonstrating his techniques. Some of his best tips came during our break and after the end of the program as we were packing up to go. Roger was most gracious with his demonstration and sharing of knowledge and we will miss him at future conventions.

We thank Dennis Hagerty and Jeff Falgein of Keyboard Concepts for their constant support of our chapters and for the use of the store in the Tustin Marketplace in Orange County. Special thanks to Joe Toscano, store manager, John Mila de la Roca and Fred Kang & Robert.