February Meeting: (2nd Monday)                                                                                                             Board Meeting:
Date: Monday, February 11, 2013
Time: 7:30 pm                                                                                                                                          6:00 pm
Location:  Kim’s Piano
                18605 E. Gale Ave., Ste. 110
                City of Industry, CA 91748

In January, we joined several chapters at Keyboard Concepts in Orange County for a wonderful meeting with Roger Jolly. As I couldn't attend, our very own Roger Domeny, RPT had the following to say about the meeting:

"Roger Jolly's presentation was focused on maximizing mechanical efficiency in order to achieve the best possible tone from a grand piano. He emphasized that issues of mechanical efficiency need to be addressed before sticking needles into hammers. Issues of mechanical efficiency include keyframe bedding, defining string termination points at the speaking bridge pin and agraffe/capo bar, mating hammers to strings, and center pinning - especially hammer and balancier centers (friction must be uniform from note to note, especially in the killer octave). He also demonstrated some needling techniques that resolve specific voicing problems."

Thanks, Roger for the great writeup!

For February we have Randy Morton, our chapter's newest member and owner of Pacific Piano, joining us! Randy's program will be all about using the right replacement parts on Steinway pianos from different eras. Randy is an authority on the subject and has about as much experience as anyone in the world in matching the right parts to the various Steinway pianos. This is a can't miss program!

See you there!