No official meeting in March but we recommend attending the South Bay Chapter meeting.
Please see the South Bay Chapter page for location and exact time.

We're off to WESTPAC III, March 7-10, 2013
Hyatt Regency, Phoenix, Arizona
Contact: Peg Browne, RPT


There is no official LA Chapter meeting in March. However, Isaac Sadigursky will be the guest speaker at the South Bay Chapter meeting. He will be talking about some of the damages pianos can sometimes receive during the refinishing process and how to repair them. While finish repairs will be discussed, it's not always the finish that needs repair. This will be the only time he will be giving this presentation before he gives it in Chicago for the National PTG Convention in July. Isaac is well known for his valuable tips that make our lives as technicians easier, and for always having just the part he needs when visiting a customer's home. Be prepared and make it simple. We always learn something valuable from him.

The South Bay Chapter meeting will be held on March 12, just after WestPac. Please see the South Bay Chapter section of this newsletter for details.