March Meeting: (2nd Monday)
Date: Monday, March 11, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Jim Connolly’s

430 Rose Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Jim’s Cell: 805-570-3341

We met on February 11th at Dennis Ashly's shop to discuss our chapter website. After deciding on the changes we wanted made and getting volunteers for specific tasks, we had a technical discussion. Topics included breaking tuning hammers; how much pitch changes as a tone decays; weakening hammer return springs to improve action performance; what we should tell a pianist just before a performance, and what we should keep quiet about; and how glue in bushings can seep through the felt when heated by friction. At the end of the meeting we divided up some tools and supplies that belonged to Paul Schneider.

We will be meeting at Jim Connolly’s Piano Kitchen on March 11, 2013. Jim will give a program on “little things about tuning that make a big difference.” It should be an interesting program!