April Meeting: (2nd Monday)
Date: Monday, April 8, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Location:  430 Rose Ave.
                Santa Barbara, CA
                (805) 570-3341

Five of us met at Jim Connolly's shop on March 11th. Jim Connolly shared some of his thoughts on tuning: We need to adapt our tuning style to each piano. We do this unconsciously after we have tested the first few pins. Some pianos are easier to tune during certain seasons. Marking the tuning pins of the strings that went farthest out of tune before we start can help with diagnosis of problems with the piano. Seating strings results in more stable tunings.

We then did some experiments to determine how much tuning pins twist in the pinblock and how this is influenced by technique. We will revisit this topic at a future meeting after the experimental apparatus has been modified to produce more consistent results.

Dennis Ashly then reported on his experience at the Western Regional Conference. In addition to moving a lot of pianos, Dennis attended some of the classes. Topics included the difference between how we should voice tension hammers versus dense hammers, how to pick the best hammers for different pianos, why it is important to not change the original shape of hammers, the best way to level strings, causes of woody sounds, and how American and European tuners are different.

We will be meeting at the Piano Kitchen on Monday, April 8th. Jim will do a short presentation that follows through on his program from last month. We will also give a short part of the meeting to tidy up the website.