Note Special Meeting Day!

May Meeting: (4th Tuesday)
Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Location:  Fields Pianos - Santa Ana
                810 East Dyer Road
                Santa Ana, CA 92705
                (714) 662-2038

We will be meeting on a Tuesday evening this month since the regular Monday lands on Memorial Day weekend and we don't want to create a conflict with another chapter's meeting day or push the meeting into June. Please mark your calendars for the last Tuesday of the month of May.

This is one of those meetings you won't want to miss. It's that time of year again when your vote counts. Names have been put forward and we'll be casting our votes to see who will be our chapter officers for the coming year.

Our presentation this month will be from the intrepid Isaac Sadigursky, a man who has seen what short and long-term effects refinishing can have on an instrument. Isaac is an expert educator as well as an incomparable entertainer in the class room, so you are certain to walk out with new and valuable information that may not be available from any other source.

We'll see you there!


Orange County Chapter