June Meeting: (2nd Monday)
Date: Monday, June 10, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Gary Hammond’s Home
                171 Gorrion Ave.
                Ventura 93004
                (805) 647-3202

Five of us met at Dennis Ashly's shop on May 13th. During our business meeting, Jim suggested that we check our chapter bylaws to see how many meetings a guest can attend before being required to join.

In our technical questions session, we discussed what to do when tuning for a concert if the pianist asks us to voice a rented piano. We discussed a piano with a polyester finish that had veneer lifting. We also talked about a piano that had swelling of the trichord dampers.

Dennis Ashly gave a program called, “The Hammer Whisperer.” He discussed how to determine the best hammers for a piano. We can use formulas to help us decide on hammer weight and hardness. He also talked about different reshaping techniques and tools. Paddles, strips, and power tools all have their advantages and disadvantages. We also sliced into some hammers to see how different types of hammers opened up, indicating how much tension was in the hammer.

Our June meeting on June 10 will be at Gary Hammond’s home. Gary will give the program titled, “The Most Important Tool You Don’t Carry in Your Case.”