June Meeting: (4th Monday)
Date: Monday, June 24, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Keyboard Concepts
                2866 El Camino Real
                Tustin, CA 92782-8902
                (714) 544-0088

The May meeting was reasonably well attended with over a dozen in the room. We held our annual election of chapter officers and the results maintain the status quo with one exception:

President: Steve Blasyak
Vice President: David Vanderlip
Treasurer: Diane Vehoski
Secretary: David Stoneman

Isaac Sadigursky, RPT, gave a masterful presentation foreshadowing what he will be offering at the Chicago convention on things to watch for after a piano has been to the refinisher. Oboes, violins, drums… none of these would ever be sent to a person for refurbishment without extensive knowledge of musical instruments, but a piano can often wind up in the hands of a furniture refinisher who treats it as if it were only furniture and not a musical instrument with specific needs and concerns. Those present are now better prepared regarding what to watch for when the old instrument has been made to "look" new but may need a keen eye to keep it playing well. Thank you, Isaac.

This month, weeks before the convention in Chicago, Kathy Smith and David Vanderlip will offer a presentation on parts alignment - a broad topic with a simple, unifying axiom contained in the question: is everything in the right place? June 24th, I'll see you there.

In other news: the chapter secretary is proud to state that he now can post the letters "RPT" after his name. As with most, he did not accomplish this alone, but with the help of many (the Guild really is a good thing).


Orange County Chapter