No Meeting in July
We're off to PTG NATIONAL CONVENTION in Chicago!

In June, we had an intimate meeting with more than enough refreshments to feed the whole block. Too bad for those of you who missed out on the lively discussion about the upcoming Council Meeting and elections of new officers. Carl Lieberman from the South Bay Chapter was there to enlighten us on the behind the scene politics of PTG. Kayoko Forrest will represent our chapter at the Council Meetings and Kathy Smith is our alternate.

Congratulations to David Weaver who received a scholarship to attend the PTG Convention this year!!

Our guest speaker, Don Mannino, introduced the new Kawai GX Grand Piano Series after giving us the history of Kawai, starting with Koichi Kawai who founded the company in 1927. After Koichi Kawai's death in 1955, Shigeru Kawai became company president at the young age of 33. During his tenure of over 30 years, he saw Kawai grow into the internationally respected instrument it is today. His son, Hirotaka Kawai, was appointed president in 1989 and remains committed to carrying on the tradition established by his father and grandfather.

Kawai has a dedicated R&D laboratory at their factory near Hamamatsu. They are constantly working to develop new methods to produce a better grand piano. The GX series has incorporated several changes in their structure, soundboard, action, hammer and even appearance. For those of us who service Kawai pianos, it's good to know what the company is developing currently and to keep up to date with the changes. Thank you, Don, for always sharing your expertise with us all. We thank Pierre Julia & Raul Alas for their support of our chapter and for their hospitality.

SAVE THIS DATE - Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Multi-Chapter social meeting will take place at Franco Skilan's in August. We will have a special program on a 6 foot Full Queen Anne piano that Franco recently finished. This Kranich and Bach Action and Back Action is a design unto itself, with no replacement parts available whatsoever. The saving grace for these pianos is the fact that the bell work was designed like Steinway Pianos, and scales are generally high quality. This piano is a perfect example of a beautiful instrument that would otherwise be abandoned because of the cost vs. outcome issue. Of course, there's also barbeque (^-^)/
Stay tuned for more info next month.