No Meeting in July

Five of us met at Gary Hammond's home on Monday, June 10th.

We discussed our annual picnic and decided to have it on Saturday this year to avoid the heavy traffic on Sundays. We hope to get a spot reserved at Foster Park near Casitas Springs on August 10th from 1:00 - 4:00. See next month's newsletter for more details.

We also discussed our chapter website. It was suggested that we should just drop it because of the consistent lack of enthusiasm for actually doing any work on it. After a Google search showed that it was near the top of the search results, we decided it was probably worth putting the effort into getting it right. We will discuss it again at a future meeting.

Jim Connolly showed us a tool that he had made to easily lubricate and smooth the whippen spring slots. We discussed customer relations and how to deal with people who question our ability. Gary Hammond gave a program titled, "The Most Important Tool You Don't Carry in Your Case." It was based on the May Journal, which had a collection of articles that considered our bodies to be our most important tool.

We briefly discussed hearing aids and ear plugs; different types of tuning levers; changes that take place as we age; ear wax; why it is that the more people know, the more difficult they are to deal with; and how our brains compare to the brains of London taxi drivers.

We will not meet in July.