September Meeting: (3rd Monday)
Date: Monday, September 16, 2013
Time: 6:00 pm - Socializing and snacks
7:00 pm - Meeting
Location:  Keyboard Concepts - Santa Monica
                3232 Santa Monica Blvd.
                Santa Monica, CA 90404

Congratulations to Don Mannino for being inducted to the PTG Hall of Fame! Well done, Don!

The Queen Anne Kranich and Bach that Franco picked up for a song several years ago is now very much alive and beautiful. You may remember him presenting this piano at our April 17, 2010 meeting, just as he was in the very early stages of taking on this project. It is now finished, and what an amazing accomplishment it is. Franco had on display the original action and related parts, and he described how they used to work. He completely re-engineered the mechanics of pretty much everything that moved, bringing the piano up to date with current piano technology, so that he would not have to reinvent parts that were no longer functional or obtainable. Without a doubt, the original design and what Franco has achieved are both really incredible engineering accomplishments.

After surveying Franco’s work at our gathering on August 3 we broke for BBQ and had a great summer evening party. David Weaver brought his guitar and played an instrumental set as the evening began. Then, later, David and others broke to the shop and had a jam session around the Kranich and Bach. Fabrizio brought his famous Tiramisu. Plus there was lots of homemade chili, baked beans, pies… the list of delicious delights just went on.

Our thanks to Franco, Johanna and their family for opening up their shop and their home to our gathering and for providing a wonderful environment in which to enjoy the party.

Our next meeting is going to be very special for all you technicians with work related aches and pains. Which means most of us. Our guest speaker for September will be Michael Frederick, Founder and Director of Alexander Technique Workshops International in Santa Monica. His program for the evening will be an introductory presentation on the Alexander Technique. He will explain what the Alexander Technique is in very practical terms, relating it to piano technicians and the stress we may experience 'on the job,' as it were.

Bending over a piano all day with the focus that is necessary to tune the piano properly can cause neck and shoulder tension. The Alexander Technique can teach anyone to do whatever they do with more ease and flexibility . . . both mentally and physically.

Our daily lives as piano technicians use the same nervous system that carries groceries at the supermarket, drives in L.A. traffic, writes at the computer and then tunes the piano. It is important to connect up in our awareness that the "habits in the way we move in ordinary life" affect "how we work at our specific jobs." The way we use ourselves (in movement) affects the way we function, no matter what the activity.

Heather Walker of Sound Being Studio in Vancouver BC presented her introduction to the Alexander Technique at several very well attended classes during the National Convention in Chicago last July. Join us for Michael Fredrick's presentation at our next meeting and learn how to connect the Alexander Technique to our daily lives as piano technicians, right here at home.

And, finally, be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, October 12th from 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm to watch KCET’s premiere of "American Grand," a documentary about rebuilding a grand piano. We would like the Southern California PTG chapters to join with Keyboard Concepts and Precision Piano in co-sponsoring this program. It is believed that this sponsorship will be important in bringing the PTG before a wider audience.