No Official Meeting in September

There was a fine turnout for the "Kranich and Bach: The Resurrection" presentation by Franco Skilan at his home/shop at Precision Piano in North Hollywood. Now when a client asks, "Isn't there anything that can be done?" I know that the answer is always, "Yes"; and the next question is, "How much money do you have?" This 6 foot Queen Anne is now a beauty to look at, to play, and to hear. Is it still a Kranich & Bach? In case and decal only, perhaps, but with new finish, soundboard, bridges, action, keyframe, keyset, damper back action, a new sostenuto and una corda shift, this "Franco-stein" of an instrument is more Skilan than anything else. A labor of dedication, the result is wonderful but this is the kind of project that only an interested member of the industry would attempt. My favorite quote of the evening was Franco stating that he wouldn't know how to charge a client for the hours he spent thinking about the project.

The BBQ and Jam Session that followed the presentation were also noteworthy. Thank you, Franco, for having us in and thank you to those who organized the evening.

There is no meeting this month but October is our next gathering and that means AUCTION. Start having a look at what shouldn't be in your shop. More details will be granted in next month's Newsletter.

NOTE: With the aid of many and the encouragement of all, I have recently managed to pass my RPT exams. As we have no regular meeting this month, I thought that if even one or two Associate Members who are working toward the same goal were interested, I'd be happy to do an informal Q & A session about my recent experience with the testing process, how and what I practiced leading up to the tests, the materials that the chapter has available for study and, basically, "What I wish I knew before taking the test but could only find out by going through the process." I thought we could meet on the fourth Monday for coffee and chat. I'll be at:

Kan Coffee (BYOB) {Buy Your Own Brew}
13681 Newport Ave #14
Tustin, CA 92780
Monday, September 23 at 7:00 pm
Rsvp to me, David Stoneman, directly at (949) 228-5327



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