September Meeting: (2nd Monday)                                                                                                                                                                     Board Meeting:
Date: Monday, September 9, 2013
Time: 7:30 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                     6:00 pm
Location: Ron Kneale’s Clubhouse
13050 Boston Ave., Chino CA 91710

Unfortunately, the pool party and barbecue that was scheduled to be held in August at Roger Domeny's home had to be cancelled due to lack of participation. Summer is such a busy time for everyone! Perhaps we will try again another time.

Our September meeting will be held at Ron Kneale's clubhouse and will feature a live demonstration of various string splicing techniques with a chance for you to try your own hand at splicing a "broken" string. Roger Domeny will share two knots that he frequently uses in string repairs, one of which is particularly useful when working with wound strings. And if you know and use a different string splicing knot, please be prepared to share it with us as well!

Stringing jigs will be provided for you to use. Please bring small gauge piano wire (size 13 is ideal) and suitable tools for working with it. A list of suggested tools is provided below:
    Various pliers (round nose, needle nose, duck billed)
    Wire cutter
    Small Vice Grips pliers (I like to have at least 2 pairs)
    T-handle or regular tuning lever
    Coil maker
    Dummy tuning pin (Smart tuning pin OK if available - ed.)
    Small flathead screwdriver
    String lifter and/or coil lifter
    Coil setter, optional
    Small hammer, optional

Our October meeting will feature Bruce Stevens who will give a demonstration on how to rebuild a Janssen artist bench. However, in order to make this program happen, we need someone to provide us with a Janssen artist bench that needs to be rebuilt! All the parts must be present, and it must not need any wood repairs. Perhaps you have a private client, church, or school with a Janssen bench that needs to be rebuilt. Your reward for helping us? A rebuilt Janssen artist bench at no cost to you or your client! If you can help us out, please contact Roger Domeny at roger@domenyspianoservice.com, or (909) 824-2561.