October Meeting: SPECIAL DATE & TIME!!
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013
Time: 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Location: In the comfort of your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen - wherever you can find a TV. Turn on KCET- Channel 28 (To find the KCET channel in your area, go to for the premier of “American Grand”

South Bay member news from the national convention: Don Mannino was elevated to "Hall of Fame" status, Bruce Stevens will continue to be in charge of audio/visual (as well as continuing as West-PAC president), Lisa Weller was chosen to be on the Institute team where she will be determining convention properties and class schedules. Locally, our chapter welcomes new member Don McNearny. Congratulations to all!

A great loss: Locally-based jazz piano legend Paul Smith passed away in July at the age of 91.

Thanks to David Reed for speaking about grand piano regulation at our September meeting and providing valuable information. Although he covered a lot of territory, some quick tips include:
-Use some sort of shim between action support brace and the bottom of the piano (prevents scratches when pivoting the brace.)
-Remember to double check keybed glide bolts with both pedals depressed.
-Tinker with travel paper location: just a little bit under the flange changes travel very little, paper all the way under flange has great effect.
-Hammer alignment: David suggests using a ruler with a 1mm thickness between the key frame and the left side brace of the keybed. This will cause the hammer to align very nearly on the edge of the left string. Then move flanges as needed. Insert a mute strip on top of jacks; this will cause the hammers to block against the strings to check alignment. Caution: be very careful sliding the action in as hammers are raised at this point!
-Key Level: use a straight edge to check key level as a group. Use chalk to show where punchings need to be increased or decreased or put punchings in between front rail punchings.
-Key Dip: Make sure you are using the same amount of force to check depth with the dip block. Move quickly, check the feel of the key next to the dip block within half a second. You will notice the difference easily. Sharps should not dip below 2mm (a nickel) above the natural keys.
-After touch: block dampers up first. Use two fingertips on each key to press down slowly to feel that slight bump when hammer does the second lift.

In October, no pie. Our "meeting" will consist of in-home viewing Richard Davenport's "American Grand" film which will air on KCET Saturday, October 12 from 9:00 - 10:30 pm. Perhaps there will be a quiz during our November meeting! As a way of saying "thanks" for this exciting publicity of our craft, our chapter approved a $250 donation to Public Television.