November Meeting: (3rd Monday)
Date: Monday, November 18, 2013
Time: 6:00 pm - Socializing, snacks
7:00 pm Meeting
Location: Pierre's Fine Pianos
11039 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Our October meeting was (probably) attended by hundreds. Perhaps even thousands. It was the easiest meeting to attend that any PTG chapter has ever held; and it was open to anyone who could receive KCET. If you were not able to attend, or did not tape it for later, you definitely missed out.

On Saturday, October 12th, KCET broadcast Richard Davenport's film, “American Grand.” This is probably the first film about rebuilding a grand piano that was not just technical or promotional, but was also a human interest story. Sufficient details in the process of rebuilding were presented to keep any piano technician interested, but the heart of the story was the interaction of the people involved. Processes and goals were represented in such a way that both piano technicians and piano owners will likely have enjoyed and benefitted from this film.

Keyboard Concepts, Precision Piano Services and the Southern California chapters of the Piano Technicians Guild were all proud underwriters of this program. In this film Richard Davenport and his Happy Merry Workers not only demonstrated just how much skill and cooperation go into a rebuild, but just how rewarding a successful rebuild can be to both the rebuilder and the owner of the piano. Congratulations to all involved!

Next month will be a multi-chapter meeting at Pierre's Fine Pianos. Our guest speaker will be Isaac Sadigursky. He will begin with a mini-technical dealing with, perhaps, how to deal with broken screws, and maybe several other things. Then he will launch into his program on Perfect Pitch which he last presented to Southern California chapters some 20 years ago.

Perfect pitch is both a mystery and a misery. But what is it anyway? Tuning pianos in the field every day, our clients are fascinated and mesmerized by what we do and very often they ask if we have "perfect" or "absolute" pitch. Isaac will demonstrate advantages and disadvantages of possessing this "god's gift," tell a few stories and share both historical and “hysterical” facts about famous composers and musicians. He will show you a way to improve your hearing skills and little tricks on how to deal with some difficult customers who may think they have "perfect pitch."

But to start the evening off there will be a test. How many of you actually watched “American Grand?” Everyone who did will be able to easily answer the following questions. And for the person who attends our November meeting and correctly answers the most questions, there will be a prize. It may not be much, perhaps an extra slice of pie or all the wine you can drink, but you will be celebrated. Bring your answers to the following questions to the November meeting at Pierre's and impress us all.

1. Who were the underwriters of this program?
2. According to Pam, how many parts are there in each note?
3. Who made the soundboard that was installed in this piano?
4. What did the Happy Merry Workers find inside the piano after removing the soundboard?
5. What instrument did Richard play prior to becoming a piano technician?
6. What is the biggest building at 20th Century Fox Studios?
7. How many pianos does Richard work on at a time?
8. What was the first stringed instrument?
9. When you file hammers you are defining what?
10. When you needle hammers you are defining what?

Please join us at Pierre's for our November meeting on Perfect Pitch with Isaac Sadigursky and bring your answers to our quiz. You may already be a winner.