No meeting in February

We're off to WESTPAC IV, February 27 - March 2, 2014. This month, we are going to WestPac at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood City. This is a very large institute, and they will also be offering RPT Exams. Share a ride and join us in the Bay Area.

Contact: Michael Reiter, RPT
Mdreiter440@comcast.net 253-588-1311

The January meeting at the Colburn School with Chris Brown gave us a chance to examine key bedding thoroughly. Assisted by David Vanderlip and Richard Davenport, they took apart the key frame of two different model Steinways and looked at ways we bed the front, middle and back of the frame. Some problems with bedding were found only because we took the time to take off all the keys.

In the second half we explored hammer boring techniques. Having several rebuilders in the class, it gave us a chance for some high level discussions as to the methods best used for boring new hammers. Bruce Stevens and Giovanni Skilan joined in the end for a short round table discussion about rebuilding pianos. Special thanks to Kevin Stock and his crew - Neema, Mika, Luke - for their hospitality. Chris is the creator and founder of TPR Tools, LLC. tprtools.com

South Bay brought their famous pies, no less than 7 different flavors, for our enjoyment.

We'll be back in March.