May Meeting: (2nd Monday)                 Board Meeting:
Date: Monday, May 12, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm                                         6:00 pm
Location: Shull Piano
25041 Redlands Blvd., Loma Linda, CA 92354

Our April meeting was held at Shull Piano in Loma Linda and featured guest presenter Alan Eder, RPT, from the Los Angeles Chapter. Alan gave a fascinating multimedia overview of the evolution of the piano, complete with sound clips of the piano's major predecessors such as the harpsichord and the clavichord. At first we were afraid that we were not going to be able to see and hear his Powerpoint presentation due to a technology glitch. But after much fussing and fuming we were finally able to get it to work, except for the projector! So Alan's laptop became the "big screen" that we all gathered around. Thank you, Alan, for an entertaining and informative presentation. And thank you, Bill Shull, for the use of your sound system which made the sound clips come alive.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, May 12, at Shull Piano in Loma Linda. Our guest presenter will be Larry Messerly, RPT, our very own Western Region Vice President. If you have any questions or comments on the PTG organization, now is the time to quiz him. Larry will also be presenting a technical on Acrylikey repairs to chipped ivory and plastic key coverings which are not replaceable (as far as he knows). On plastic key coverings, the repair does leave some minor discoloration at the bonding site. But as your piano teacher used to say, "What are you looking at the keys for?" Really, the discoloration is not that great and what we are looking (or not looking) for is the feel.

If you have ever struggled with adjusting damper timing by bending damper spoons (where is that stupid spoon?!), you will not want to miss our June meeting! Don Mannino, RPT, will be giving a presentation on spoon bending which he has titled,"Spoon Bending: There Is No Spoon." Be sure to check next month's newsletter for the location of our June meeting.

Directions to Shull Piano: From the 10 Freeway in Loma Linda, take the Tippecanoe/Anderson St exit (#74) and head south on Anderson St. Turn left (east) on Redlands Blvd which parallels the freeway. Shull piano is on the right directly across from Spreen Honda. Park in back or along the side of the store.