May Meeting: (2nd Tuesday)
Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Kawai America
2055 E. University Dr., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

At the April meeting, Lisa led a discussion of experiences from the Redwood City WestPac. As there were 11 members present, we had chapter elections with last year's board re-elected. President Lisa Weller, Vice-President Carl Lieberman, Treasurer Kenny Walden and Secretary Christine Kay.

Don Mannino stepped up to the bat and filled in with his program on providing full service appointments for our grand customers. Points that he made included:
-The full-day appointment is recommended for heavy-use pianos, ie. schools, but a half-day appointment is generally sufficient for a lightly-used piano.
-Don compares high-performance piano maintenance with high-performance race car maintenance (the cars get a tune-up or even rebuilt after every major race). My extrapolation is a regular customer of a lightly used piano might be willing only to pay for the time to hit the highlights, so you can just attend to different needs with each visit, giving it a complete job over the course of five years.
-When replacing strings tune 1/2 tone sharp, tap down the pin, seat the wire then tune down the string until it's just a few cents sharp.
-Why do full-service? It is satisfying and improves the technician's reputation. Disadvantages are that it is more difficult than tuning and not equally compensated.

Thank you, Don, for a great program with lots to think about to raise our service level and build a high level clientele!

For our May meeting we will be joined by our PTG Western Regional Vice President, Larry Messerly RPT. Larry will keep us abreast of PTG news, but he is also going to treat us to a technical program on using "AcryliKey" to repair chipped ivories. Dealing with chipped ivories is a conundrum that many of us have faced, and it is becoming a larger issue with the new restrictions on ivory going into effect at the end of 2014. Purchasing replacement ivory keytops, whether new or used, will be well nigh impossible when this new law goes into effect, and having an option for repairing chipped ivories can be a great help to our clients, and nice source of revenue for our businesses. Don’t miss this demonstration!