No Meetings in June, July, or August

If anything changes about summer meetings the San Diego Chapter members will be contacted by e-mail, or via this web site.

Paul McCloud is San Diego's delegate to the Annual Convention in Atlanta.

All San Diego members who would like to attend the Nethercutt Collection tour, hosted by the Los Angeles Chapter, on Saturday, June 28, 2014, must make a reservation request at by midnight Saturday, June 21. For more information refer to the Los Angeles Chapter information in the May issue of the Southern California Combined PTG Newsletter.

In May Paul McCloud hosted an interesting discussion on the "four steps" of grand regulation (action preparation, friction, alignment, & regulation). Basically, the piano has to work! Among other things, we talked about after touch and blow distance, and some of the problems that occur when adjustments are not correct. Thanks, Paul.

And thanks, Mihee, for opening your store again and for the food.