No Meeting in July

At our June chapter meeting we had a discussion on the lack of rising leaders in Southern California chapters and our typical meeting content. It was agreed that chapter members learn so much from peers; a monthly national-level class isn't necessary.

Kenny Walden brought up a spinet wippen flange problem which we round-tabled. He also brought photos of a piano forte whose tuning pins are narrow oblongs. This piano had three undampened strings in the high treble which did not have a corresponding key. Kenny reminded the group to lower the pitch slightly before bringing it up to pitch (A435 for piano fortes.)

Bruce brought a squeaky damper problem. He removed the lyre. He created a bushing with some bushing cloth, paired with muffler felt and coated with Teflon powder. Bruce also showed a Mason & Hamlin pedal box assembly. Recommended using paint tape wrapped around a pedal dowel for holding bushing cloth in place until the glue dries. That ensures it won't be too tight later.

Christine presented her key-covering tools and process, and explained the keytop replacement services she offers to local piano technicians.

Bruce Heying followed and demonstrated a homemade tuning hammer. He also demonstrated a pick-up/speaker combo for tuning in loud environments. The ETD picked up the sound directly from the speaker.

Lisa & Sheila demonstrated a moondog piano tilt on one of the Kawais. It took approximately 15 minutes for them to attach the tilt, lift the piano and remove a leg.

The meeting was very informative for all in attendance. Thank you, everyone.

There will not be a chapter meeting in July. Enjoy your summer!

FYI: Contact Bruce with any class ideas for the Ontario convention. He is the Institute Director.