August Meeting: (4th Monday)
Date: Monday, August 25, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Fields Piano
810 Dyer Rd., Santa Ana

Greetings to all Orange County Chapter Members and to all readers of the PTG Southern California Newsletter. We did not meet in July, as is customary, due to the National Convention being held in Atlanta Georgia.

In August we will meet with a bundle of topics of discussion on the agenda. We will be getting reports from our newly elected President David Vanderlip and VP David Stoneman on council meetings which took place before the actual convention. Usually there are several proposals for the delegates to vote on as well as national officers to be nominated and elected.

As next year’s chapter host to Westpac, we will be discussing Westpac in general and, more specifically, needing members to step up and help out. No matter how small a contribution, any offer of help is needed and welcome. Also your chapter officers would welcome member participation as to where we want our chapter to go for 2014 and beyond. For example, the topic of chapter programs you may wish to see, the frequency of our meetings for the upcoming year and in the future. Any other topics or suggestions you bring will be welcome.

For our August program we invite our members to bring the program to us. We ask members and guests to bring tools that you may have purchased or acquired, good or bad. (We all need to know what works and what doesn't). Homemade jigs and devices are always fun to share. Any problems you may have had in the recent past including the solution, or not . . . I've often found the best part of meeting with fellow technicians is asking for help or a solution to a problem and getting input from other technicians.