Please note special meeting date

September Meeting: (2nd Tuesday)
Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Time: 6:00 pm - Socializing & Light Dinner
7:00 pm - Meeting
Location: Keyboard Concepts - Pasadena
3704 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107

This month we are joining the Pomona Valley Chapter for a combined meeting at the new Keyboard Concepts store in Pasadena. The guest speaker will be David Durbin, RPT, from Yamaha tech support. He will be presenting the latest news about Disklavier pianos and introducing us to the new Yamaha TransAcoustic piano. The TransAcoustic involves some very interesting technology that does away with speakers and, instead, employs transducers attached directly to the soundboard.

In July we had the special group outing to The Nethercutt Collection. It was a great success. 25 or 30 PTG members and friends attended from not only the Los Angeles, Pomona, South Bay and Orange County chapters; but there were also a couple of members from the Houston chapter. The cars on the first floor were fantastic, but we were all pleasantly surprised by the extended focus on music that made up most of the rest of the tour. Music boxes, nickelodeons, orchestrions, reproducing pianos and more. On one floor we were entertained by a piano roll performance of Rhapsody In Blue, performed on a fully restored Chickering with original Ampico player, by George Gershwin himself. We also learned that almost all decent size orchestrions contain a piano, which requires regular service. On our private tour we also saw several one-of-a-kind historic pianos and art case pianos as well as the shop where all the restoration of both the pianos and the other devices is done. Yes, we will plan on doing this again.

Our thanks to The Nethercutt for accommodating our group, and special thanks to Kyle Irwin, Master Technician for The Nethercutt, for spending the extra time with us after the tour to show us the rest of this amazing facility.

Moving forward, congratulations are in order for David Weaver, LA chapter's newest RPT.