September Meeting: (4th Monday)
Date: Monday, September 22, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Fields Piano
810 East Dyer Rd., Santa Ana

Greetings to all Orange County Chapter members and to all readers of the PTG So Cal Newsletter:

Last month we had a really good meeting that was well attended by OC chapter members and a few guests. We started off with an update from the National Convention by our newly elected VP David Stoneman. After much discussion of the latest proposals voted on by the delegates, dirty politics, out with old/in with the new, meet the new boss same as the old boss type of thing, we decided to carry on with the evening's program.

Our August meeting was an open mic night. That means we all tried to bring something of interest to share with the group. The VanderSmith team brought some cool jigs mostly related to key leveling, as I recall. David Stoneman showed off a nifty magnetic light that he had found at his local Ace Hardware store. He also demonstrated a new use for an emery board???... Touching up ivory key repairs of course!! You can also polish your nails while you wait for the acrylic to dry. Sheila King brought some rubber coated gloves that aid in picking up and/or handling slippery polyester finish case parts. I hate it when you drop one of those T116 front panel fallboard combo contraptions on your foot. That could ruin your day. Helps cut down on finger prints and smudges too.

Next month our guest speaker will be Ms. Rebecca Apodaca. Rebecca is an accredited senior appraiser who specializes in musical instruments. This is a very specific field and hard to find a qualified person to do such work. Have you ever been asked to appraise a piano? This is a very dodgy area for the average piano technician to dabble in, and could put you in some serious legal trouble. We as technicians always advise our customers to hire a professional to move the piano or for finish repairs. Should we be doing appraisals? Come to the September meeting and find out from a professional. You can check out Rebecca and her services at A&

In closing I would like to acknowledge and welcome our newest member, Robert Estrin. Some may remember Robert performed an amazing set during a program at the National Convention in Anaheim. Not sure what year that was -- 08? He has a loft/showroom in downtown Santa Ana and specializes in American made vintage pianos. Robert also has a website, Check it out!!! He is an incredible musician with a vibrant personality. If you ever have any clients looking for used American pianos in excellent condition, Living Pianos is a good place to start. At the end of the meeting to our delight, Robert gave an impromptu performance. It was short, but very sweet. He made the Steinway at Fields Piano sing like most people only dream of. Perhaps we'll get lucky and this will become regular tradition at OC monthly meetings.

Fields Piano was a gracious host as always and provided us with sandwiches and snacks. I'm sure there will be a feast served next month as well. Hopefully it will be some fresh ones, 'cause we left some behind last month. You better come find out. Don't miss it. C ya there.