It's Tool Time!!
Announcing the Annual Tool Auction
(Complete details Below)

Date: Saturday, October 25, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Episcopal Church of the Messiah
614 North Bush Street, Santa Ana

Greetings to all OC Chapter members and all readers of the PTG So Cal Newsletter. Last month’s meeting was well attended by OC Chapter members and a few guests. We had an excellent guest speaker, Rebecca Apodaca, who is an Accredited Senior Appraiser of Musical Instruments. She is the only qualified appraiser of musical instruments in the area, the entire state and, perhaps, the nation. Rebecca gave us a very detailed description of her education and background. She gave a step-by-step description of services provided for technicians and their clients. When appraising a piano there are many legal and ethical entanglements that need to be negotiated. Rebecca has the expertise to help you get a legal and accurate appraisal. You can check her out at

Announcements: It is with great pleasure and pride we that we announce Mori Kina, one of our very own, is now the piano tech for the LA Philharmonic. Congratulations, Mori!!

Also our congratulations go out to Kathy Smith who is retiring as the head technician at Long Beach State University. Kathy is officially with the LA Chapter; however she is an OC Chapter member through osmosis since she is married to our President. We wish her well in her future endeavors and we also thank for her all the help she has given many of us over the years as we strive to become better technicians. Good luck and happy trails.

This year the LA and Pomona Valley Chapters will be joining us in putting on the La La Paloooza of tool auctions. We have a new location, new day. Come one, come all, clean out your garage, bring your tools and your wallet. Good times will be had by all.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Orange County Chapter Annual Tool Auction >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

All technicians are invited to participate as buyers and sellers. The doors will be open by 1:00 pm for set-up.

The Tool Auction benefits the seller and his local chapter. Here’s how it works: The contributor and the chapter split the income for an item or group of items 50/50. In the event that an item has a minimum bid, the minimum bid amount goes to the contributor and any additional amount goes to the chapter until the minimum bid is doubled, then the 50/50 ratio is reinstated. To illustrate: Angelo brings in a tuning hammer with a high retail value and doesn't want to part with it unless he can take home $100. Bidding opens at $100. If the hammer sells for $100 all this amount goes to Angelo. If it sells for $150: $100 goes to Angelo and $50 goes to the chapter. If it sells for $200: $100 goes to Angelo and $100 goes to the chapter. If it sells for $210: then Angelo gets $105 and the chapter gets $105.

Sample Merchandise: 1-horse Craftsman compressor, 2 new Hold Heet glue pots, new Princess Ungar heat gun, small shop and hand tools, plastic storage bins, new vinyl piano covers (6'), movers pads, Jack-in-the-Box piano lifter, one BackSaver grand action dolly (not produced any more), one adjustable artist chair, cordless drills and accessories, extension cords, various tool cases (one DataMaster), soundboard cleaning tool, hand-sorted grand damper felt (Renner and Laoureux strips) with special storage tubes, books, unused action parts, a router with table, some hard maple, and more. (Kathy Smith and David Vanderlip reportedly need to make space in their shop so there may be some rare opportunities to buy big.)

Directions From the South: From the North:
Take the I-5 North to Santa Ana Take the I-5 South to Santa Ana
Take the Grand Ave. exit Take the Broadway/Main St. exit toward Santa
At end of the ramp, turn left onto N. Grand Ave. Ana, following signs for Main St. South
Take the 1st right onto E. Santa Ana Blvd. Merge right onto Main St.
Turn right onto N. Bush St. Turn left onto Civic Center Dr.
Destination will be on the left Take the first right onto N. Bush St.
Destination will be on right

You may park temporarily to unload in the Jack in the Box lot on Bush St. adjacent to the church. The Parish Hall is located on the lower level of the church building via either a short set of stairs or a handicap ramp on Bush Street. Free parking for the event (20 spaces) may be found cattycorner to the church at the Hands Together pre-school. Enter the lot from Surgeon Street, one block east of Bush. Street parking on Saturdays is metered at 75/Hr. Quarters will be on hand. Can't find your way? Call David Stoneman (949) 228-5327.