October Meeting: (2nd Tuesday)                                                         Board Meeting:
Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm                                                                                     7:00 pm
Location: Kawai America
2055 E. University Dr., Rancho Dominguez Hills

At our September meeting, Bruce Stevens discussed upcoming WestPac programs. One course will be Steinway hammer voicing (new & used hammers) by Eric Schandaell. Also 'Belly-Man's Holiday' bridge building techniques and 1/2 day with restoration of historical pianos during the second half. LaRoy Edwards will be showing tools he's never shown before. Bruce Stevens' institute is sounding more and more impressive.

Congratulations to North Bennet St. School graduate & new RPT Mike Cahn.

Our members reminisced about the summer convention including the piano that started the war; Women's Forum with professional-level discussion and encouragement; and the Competency Playground, including online links combined with jigs, tools, and supplies at hand, so you could watch the tutorial, then put it to practice.

After the chapter business, we opened the floor for another episode of "Show and Tell."

Lisa showed welder tools helpful for shaping and shaving, Harbor Freight free magnetic flashlights, and a magnetizing disc to help a screwdriver find the flange screw behind the jack.

Bruce Grimes showed an old movie canister converted to hold multiple wire sizes, coiled in separate aluminum tubes. He also taught us how to feed a bass string down from the top of an upright using a simple twisty tie linking the new string to its neighbor.

Kenny showed his multi-upright piano action model and demonstrated bracing a freshly-glued hammer to its neighbors to keep the hammer from dipping out of level as it's drying on the shank. The brace is simply two small pieces of wood which sandwich the hammers and are secured by a rubber band. Bruce Stevens suggested adding a drop of super glue to the wood glue to make the joint cure faster.

Carl talked about Kawai's damper lift tray problems. The flanges that the tray pivots on have inaccessible screws. Carl says to snap all of the flanges and cut a 3/4 inch square notch out of the blocks that lift the tray so the flange screws can be accessible the next time it needs servicing.

Cecil talked about sticky action centers. After removing the action, determine where the tight centers are (might just be jacks or hammers, not both) then treat with alcohol/water. Cecil then encases the action in an insulated environment with heat added up to 140 degrees. Then cool the action, check friction. Repeat alcohol/water/heat treatment again if necessary. Tighten all action screws because they will have loosened in the dry environment.

Bruce Stevens talked about Steinway pedal cushions. He uses escane (synthetic suede) material, shaped by front rail punchings pressed together ravioli style to thin fiber board. Bruce also showed a wippen-holding jig for removing heels to either reposition the heel or shorten it, and an elaborate jig for adding a wippen-assist spring to Renner wippens.

Thanks to all contributing members!

Our October program will feature a report by both Don Mannino and Carl Lieberman on the recent conference classes they attended. Don was just at the Midwest Regional and both Don and Carl attended the South Central Regional Conference. In addition, we will continue our very successful show and tell. All members are asked to present an interesting piano issue that they have dealt with. And then, as you know, there will be pie.