December Gathering: Wintermas
Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Home of Bruce & Rachel Stevens
16423 California Ave., Bellflower CA 90706

The November joint chapter program featured Ray Chandler of Bosendorfer/Yamaha and was hosted by the Los Angeles Chapter at Keyboard Concepts of Santa Monica. The first part of the program related to Yamaha's Conservatory (C & CX) series. CF series is not part of the assembly line, but more of a hand-built craft piano. Differences include stringing wire, hammers, and soundboard crowning; all are designed for a singing/lyrical tone as opposed to the traditional bright Japanese sound. Yamaha's hammers are made in-house for better quality control.

The second part of the program related to the Bosendorfer brand. This piano has a particular round, not-too-powerful sound. Don't try to voice hammers to replicate Steinway, Yamaha, etc.; the sound is intentionally unique. The Bosendorfer case is fashioned with white spruce (a softer wood) in the rim and cross beams, with a harder wood cap. A few Bosendorfer notes: strings should be replaced with the correct metric match. Periodic cleaning of the capo bar should be done (reduce string tension first), and tune Bosendorfers to A443 for optimum performance.

Thank you to Keyboard Concepts for hosting our meeting and special thanks to Ray Chandler for the interesting and detailed program (and for the solid hammer filing board).

Please join us for our Wintermas on December 9 at the home of Bruce and Rachel Stevens. Contact Diane Cottrell at (310) 831-8411 if you have not already signed up for your potluck contribution. Dinner will be at 7:00 and entertainment will begin an hour later. This year's entertainment will be provided by local pianist, ‘Ragtime’ Ralph Brunson. Ralph was taught by his family's player piano! His musical education also included studies of composition at UCLA and Jazz Performance at the New England Conservatory of Music. Ralph performs around Southern California at various churches, restaurants and bars. He plans a well-rounded program which will include rags, classical music, and plenty of holiday music. Please come for great eats and stay for great fun; we may even sing along with Ralph!

Keep in mind, if you plan to attend Thursday morning classes at WestPAC, book your Wednesday night hotel room immediately.