February Meeting: (2nd Monday) Board Meeting:
Date: Monday, February 9, 2015
Time: 7:30 pm 6:00 pm
Location: Shull Piano
                25041 Redlands Blvd
                Loma Linda, CA 92354

Although everyone was invited, only a small group of us gathered at Shull Piano on Monday, January 12 for a chapter business meeting where we discussed our chapter's presence at the upcoming WestPac Conference and brainstormed names of local non-PTG member tuners to whom we would like to send special invitations.

There was no chapter program in January due to an all-day multi chapter event that took place January 24 at Fields Pianos in Santa Ana. The featured presenter was Mario Igrec, author of a must-have textbook for anyone interested in piano technology, Pianos Inside Out. Mario's presentation included a discussion of how to prioritize our work, understanding what matters and what doesn't in a changing market. In another session, he talked about discoveries that he made in the process of writing his book. And in his final session, he demonstrated a grand touch optimization system that he has developed and made available to fellow technicians.

Please note that there will be a February chapter meeting, but no March meeting due to WestPac. And by the way, speaking of WestPac, it's not too late to register. The dates are February 26 - March 1, and you can register online at www.westpac-ptg.org. Where else can you get 3 days of instruction for less than $100 a day? Folks, this is a real bargain, and it's being held right here in our backyard! Don't miss this opportunity to learn new skills that will make you even more money!

Our February meeting will be held at Shull Piano (25041 Redlands Blvd in Loma Linda) on Monday, February 9. Our guest presenter will be David Andersen, a master aural tuner. David will be sharing some of his secrets of successful aural tuning - secrets that have enabled him to attract and keep some of the most demanding clients (with some very high end pianos). For example, many aural tuners have a good sense as to when fast beating intervals (thirds and sixths) are correct. But what about the slow beating intervals (fourths and fifths)? These aren't so easy to tell! Not only will he be teaching, he will also be demonstrating the process of crafting a high level aural tuning. So bring your ears and an open mind that is willing to be challenged with new ideas! Even if you rely on an electronic tuning device, you will learn things that will improve the quality of your work.

Directions to Shull Piano:
- From the 10 Freeway in Loma Linda, take the Tippecanoe/Anderson St. exit (#74) and head south on Anderson St.
- Turn left (east) on Redlands Blvd. which parallels the freeway.
- Shull Piano is on the right, directly across from Spreen Honda.
- Park in back or along the side of the store.