There will be no meeting in February

Mario Igrec presented "Pianos Inside Out" as our program at the joint-chapter meeting in January. During the first third of Mario's class he discussed good business practices, including upselling whichever services the customer's piano needs. Optimally, play the piano with a variety of pieces, paying attention to the feel and sound of the piano as you play. A positive and professional presentation of yourself and the piano's needs to your customer goes a long way toward winning a life-time customer.

The second part of the program related to potential problems and proposed repairs of soundboards, as well as verdigris and friction of center pins.

The third part of the program was a class called “Practical Touch” which Mario is presenting at the Denver Convention this summer. In his words, “Practical Touch is a new non-invasive method for analyzing grand piano touch in minutes, without disassembly or even pulling the action out of the piano.” He sells a tool kit for the pertinent measurements, and he taught us how to use the free software calculator, how to interpret the results, and how to address common touch challenges.

Many thanks to Mario, Field's Piano, and all in attendance for the food and drink offerings.

There will be no chapter meeting in the month of February as we all will be in Ontario for WestPAC, right? It will be a rejuvenating break from your hard work, the ideal networking venue, and a fairly inexpensive opportunity for continuing education.