No meeting scheduled for April

In March we met at Keyboard Concepts in Sherman Oaks. Our special guest speakers were David Durben of the Yamaha piano Technical Support team, and Mr. Atsushi "Ace" Ugai, the new Yamaha Corporation of America Piano Technical Manager.

Dave had a great presentation about the new Yamaha CF and CX series pianos. This included an explanation of how Yamaha considers the quality of parts, the attention to detail in manufacturing, in which plant the different models are manufactured and the amount of high quality hands-on involvement from the smallest entry level piano to the largest concert grand.

"Ace" presented us with an approach to tuning that most of us have never considered. Ignoring beats, he demonstrated to us how we can improve the tone quality of not only unisons but also in how we build the temperament and spread it across the rest of the piano. His point was that while accuracy is really important, ultimately it is the tone of interacting strings in a unison, and of different notes in an interval that can make a piano sound better than just simply being in tune.

Our thanks to Dennis Hagerty, Adam Chester and Leigh Moore of Keyboard Concepts for their hospitality, for providing sandwiches and yummy sides, and for staying late and keeping the doors open for us.