October Meeting: (2nd Tuesday) Board Meeting:
Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Time: 7:30 pm 7:00 pm
Location: Kawai America
2055 E. University Dr., Rancho Dominguez Hills

Our condolences to the Skilan family on the sudden passing of their patriarch. Giovanni was well-loved and respected by his 'family' of technicians, and he will be sorely missed.

In September we learned that our chapter has acquired former LA chapter member, David Andersen! Also, our chapter has a new applicant, Greg Madden, who we approved; so welcome, Greg and David.

In national PTG news, our own Mike Cahn has joined the Members Rights and PTG Editors Advisory Committees. We know you'll keep us current on national news, Mike, and thank you for your service.

In September David Andersen presented a condensed version of his Denver convention program entitled, "Optimize the Piano - Your Client - Your Career." A few highlights:
- “If you can make a radical positive change in the sound and feel of a piano in a relatively short amount of time, you positively affect your career” - Norman Neblett
- Act as the contractor for the piano's work (arrange moves, restringing, any other work). Don't refer the customer somewhere else! Trust your colleagues to fill your own voids. It is valuable to the customer to know that you completely service the piano.
- Shift your attention away from negative thoughts of your own life before ringing the doorbell. Be "in" your work.
- Diagnostics: All regulational specs are important, but, one of David's crucial specs is key travel (never less than 10mm). Listen to the customer with regards to likes and dislikes about the piano. Play every note and think about the feel and sound of each note.
- Regulating inside the piano: let-off, jack position. Out of the piano: aftertouch (use a cheekblock between your thigh and the key frame in order to reproduce the correct balance rail position) Don't do aftertouch before other adjustments...all other adjustments will 'eat' aftertouch.
- Voicing: Effective voicing can be achieved by inserting a needle through the hammer, front to back, just below the string groove. Practice listening to solo piano recordings to get the feel of the ideal tone to strive for. Tuning IS voicing: you create a psycho-acoustic illusion.
- The paradox of a technician: You are always a student of your craft v. You are a master of your craft. (Humility and Confidence)

Please visit David's website ( for more details.

In October, we are asking members to bring forth an interesting or particularly difficult tuning or repair they have encountered recently, and share with us how they allayed Mrs. Jones' concerns. Pie and coffee to follow! Hope to see you all there.

Please note this change from previous years: the Orange County Tool Auction will be Saturday, October 24. (See Orange County section for details.)