In unfortunate and unexpected news, cherished PTG members Doug Herschberger and Wayne Stark passed away this past autumn. Their contributions to our organization and their friendships will be sorely missed. Our condolences to their families and friends.

For our November meeting, Bruce Stevens had several problems to share with us:

1) Steinway fall board/cheek block hinge trouble. The pin had wandered from the fall board and was digging into the side of the rim.

2) Loose trapwork. Run button one or two threads through the hole before inserting the hinge pin.

3) Grand piano fallboard stuck open due to broken spring. Bruce had to smash the fallboard backward to strip out the screws connecting the cheekblocks before the fallboard could be removed.

4) Jansen artist benches are now being constructed with locking nuts, which will be stripped after they have been tightened once or twice. You must replace the nuts.

5) Steinway rebuild. Capstans have been modified to a drastic angle to compensate for ratio problems due to over-leading.

After discussing solutions to these problems, we viewed a short video about the new WNG Shank Deflection Gauge. Stronger shanks are more likely to bring the hammer to a firm connection with the strike point. Weaker shanks don't make it to the strike point because with too much flex in the shank, the wrong part of the hammer may make contact with the string. Much monkeying around followed with Yamaha, Kawai, Tokiwa and WNG shanks. Yamaha had the most flex, then Tokiwa, then Kawai and WNG.

In December, a fabulous buffet (courtesy of everyone) was enjoyed. Huge thanks to Diane Cottrell and Rachel Stevens for organizing the event! Thanks also to the Stevens family, who once again welcomed us into their beautiful home.

Entertainment was provided by Randy Woltz on Bruce Stevens' fine pianos and organ. Randy's playing included a rag, a Gershwin tune, and a touching tribute to recently-deceased member Doug Hershberger. Randy accompanied Bruce Grimes who sang a multi-lingual Christmas carol. In addition, we were treated to organ music by Randy and Melissa Weidner. Thanks to you all for a delightful evening.

In January, our chapter will participate in a joint meeting. Please see the front page of this Newsletter for details.

Have fun at NAMM if you are able to attend!

And now it's time to be thinking about your next vacation (Seattle anyone?) Check out the Westpac website. The classes are all lined up and sounding good!