There will be no meeting in February

The Multi-Chapter meeting at Keyboard Concepts in Santa Monica was a wonderful event with over 60 Southern California PTG members in attendance. All chapters were represented plus several new PTG members and our new Western Regional Vice President, Mark Purney.

The day was a celebration of LaRoy Edwards, his life, his accomplishments and his contributions to not just PTG, but to friends and society. If you look in your tool kit, you will probably have a tool LaRoy invented. He continues to think of new tools so that our work will be made easier and better. Did you know that in 1948 LaRoy had a design using a wire recorder for what eventually became the phone answering machine?

Richard Davenport started the day with a slide show retrospective of LaRoy from his youth to present day. Then the stage was handed over to LaRoy and his daughters, Jane and Susan, and honorary-daughter-for-the-day, Kay Forrest, who involved all of us in a hands-on audience participation review of LaRoy's inventions and teachings.

Much credit must be given to many people who helped make this meeting possible.
    Richard Davenport for his slideshow presentation and audio/visual coordination.
    Alan Eder for audio/visual support and for his A/V crew: Carol Sun: Camera, Unha Jang: Camera, Sean McLaughlin: Sound.
    LaRoy Edwards for… well… just for being LaRoy Edwards.
    Jane and Susan Edwards and Kayoko Forrest for supporting LaRoy in his presentation and for being valued piano technicians.
    Jeff Bauer, Manager of Keyboard Concepts in Santa Monica, and Mark Taber for keeping the lights on for us.
    Dennis Hagerty, owner of Keyboard Concepts, and Jeff Bauer for providing a wonderful spread for lunch.
    The South Bay Chapter of PTG for both pies AND cake.
    Mark Purney, new Western Regional Vice President of PTG, for making the trip from Mesa, Arizona, to remind us that we are all working together.
    And, all the Southern California Chapters for their support and their members for making the trip and participating in this festive PTG event.

WestPac is just around the corner! Seattle, Washington, March 31 - April 3: www.ptgwestpac.org