No Meeting Scheduled for March

Greetings to all Southern California piano technicians and readers of the PTG Southern California Newsletter.

For our February meeting we had the pleasure and privilege of welcoming David Andersen from the Los Angeles Chapter. David has a collaborative relationship with the folks at Mason & Hamlin and is an instructor this year at WestPac in Seattle. The OC Chapter had not had a meeting since our annual tool auction in October. Unfortunately we had a light turnout for David’s excellent presentation called, "How to Make a Grand Piano Sing."

If you have never had the opportunity to meet David or hear him speak, he has a unique and passionate perspective about our profession and life in general. Our chapter meeting may have been a prelude to his class in Seattle. Certainly he will be able to cover much more at WestPac. Within our limited, yet intimate, time period we were treated to some great tips on regulating. The beginning was mostly conceptual. Like an adaptation, he compared musicians and their instruments to the sound of human voices singing. All musicians strive to sing through their instrument. From the beginning of time the human voice was most certainly the first musical instrument. In the end, David shared some tips and insights on voicing and regulation to make a piano sing the way we want to hear it. My take-aways are too many to list. I'll try a few. First, if you can provide a unique and specialized service, you will be in high demand. Second, to attempt any job the right tool is important. Third, and maybe the most important, you must develop a technique or what David refers to as protocol for each step in regulation. It must be repeatable and give consistent results. Most importantly, be as easy on your body as possible. If you missed it, you should have been there!!!

Maybe you can catch David at WestPac.