April Meeting: (4th Monday)
Date: Monday, April 25, 2016
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Keyboard Concepts
18285 Euclid, Fountain Valley

Greetings to all Southern California piano techs and readers of the PTG Southern California Newsletter.

At this month’s meeting we will have a very special guest and my dear friend, Isaac Sadigursky. Most technicians around the Southland either know or have heard of Isaac. We in Orange County have been lucky enough to get him as a guest speaker at our chapter meetings a few times, and his programs are always a special treat. Isaac has taught at many regional and national PTG events over the years and has many specialties. He has also saved my rear end more than once with spare parts or expert advice.

Isaac has come up with a new and very brave concept. With over 42 years of experience he is willing to bare his soul with a program called, "Forty two mistakes in Forty two years." Isaac will share with us some of his mistakes over the years and how he has learned from them. This program will be filled with tips on many common repairs we may come across day to day, and, more importantly, why they failed and how to fix them correctly the first time. We can all learn from Isaac's many years in the business. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him, this is a great opportunity. Please mark your calendar. Hope to see you there.