April Meeting: (2nd Tuesday)     Board Meeting:
Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Time: 7:30 pm                             7:00 pm
Location: Kawai America

Chapter Business: Carl Lieberman is the nominating committee. He will present people to be nominated for chapter office to be voted on in May.

At our March meeting it was announced and discussed that chapter member Lisa Weller has been elected to be Institute Director for the 2017 PTG National Convention and Institute to take place in St. Louis. Congrats Lisa!

Also in March, Bruce Stevens presented a portion of a program he planned to present at WestPac entitled, "Installation of the Wessell, Nickel & Gross Damper Action." Bruce explained why a piano benefits from the WN&G damper action, including stability through climate changes and longevity, and he also described the system's features. Prior to deciding on a WN&G damper action replacement, it is necessary to make specific measurements to determine if the piano will accommodate the system. Then, further notations are necessary so that the proper system is ordered. Those notations can be recorded on a "scale stick" (or paper) which helps the technician order and install the WN&G action for the piano. Thank you, Bruce, for another excellent program. No doubt many fortunate technicians were able to take in Bruce's complete program at WestPac.

In April, the air may be abuzz with things learned at WestPac, but our chapter will also be enjoying the tutelage of RPT Michael Kemper who plans to demystify electronic player pianos for us. Michael says his overview will explain the core technology common to all brands - about six at last count - of electronic player systems currently being offered on the market. This "brand-neutral" presentation is designed to complement rather than repeat what is presented by the various manufacturers.

Since 1978, Michael has been working with electronic player systems in various capacities including training, installation, service management, consulting, product development and marketing support. Come for the program, stay for the pies.