There will be no meeting in July. Virginia should be a great convention. Please bring your stories to the next meeting.

In June, our special guest was David Reed, RPT, who provides Acoustic Piano Support at Kawai America. David presented a preview of the class he will be giving at the July PTG National Convention in Virginia, "Voicing Tips and Techniques."

This was an exceptionally well prepared and presented class. Many aspects of how to actually use a voicing tool, and where exactly to put it for specific results, were covered as well as string leveling and fine tuning the hammer shape so that it contacts the strings correctly. Some excellent tips on adjusting the shift pedal correctly were also covered. Thank you, David, for a great evening.

Isaac Sadurgisky was the audience warm up act for the evening, and he presented a great method for repairing Steinway style music desks where the screws are stripped out and the wood is split.

Our thanks to Pierre Julia for making his store, Pierre's Fine Pianos, available to us. And thanks to Raul for taking care of us while we were there.

No meeting in July, but get ready for August. It's movie night.