July Meeting: (2nd Monday)
Date: Monday, July 11, 2016
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Jim Connolly’s Shop
430 Rose Ave., Santa Barbara 93101

At our June meeting, Michael Sloan gave an excellent assessment and synopsis of the PTG Foundation DVD which is a recording of a presentation at the Denver conference in 2015 on the life of Claude Montal.

Technical discussions included brainstorming about reasons for strings breaking at the same place multiple times in the same piano; various methods of getting strings duplicated (single strings versus whole sets, sending in patterns and the actual strings versus phoning in the measurements); and the process, merits, and cautions of epoxy-fitting a new pinblock to the plate flange, where the original block's fit was poor.

Our program, presented by Gary Hammond, was "Regulation By Feel." Gary had de-regulated his own piano in specific ways on specific notes that he made record of. We were each provided with a printed keyboard graphic and 5 minutes to play through the de-regulated section and indicate which notes were out of regulation, and how so, based on feel alone. Afterward, Gary walked us through each de-regulated note, to compare our findings.

We discovered that some regulation issues are easier to identify by feel than others, and that when assessed by feel alone, some problems present as one type of de-regulation but are actually another. It seemed as though some types of regulation issues require visual confirmation in order to diagnose or fix.

We threw out some ideas of locations for our August picnic, but will decide at the July meeting.

The July meeting is at Jim Connolly's shop in Santa Barbara where we will play around with an adjustable action model and consider its use in testing various action configurations in advance of an action rebuild, as well as a primer or refresher on which types of adjustments or changes affect what other parts of the action process.