No meeting in July due to the Annual Convention and Technical Institute

Our next meeting will be Sunday, August 14 - a BBQ at the home of Ron Kneale in south Riverside. See the August newsletter for more information.

For our July program Bill Shull gave a summary of the first chapter of his book project on Steinway pianos, surveying pianos built by the Heinrich Englehardt Steinweg and C.F. Theodore Steinweg in Germany, the early pianos built by Steinway and Sons beginning in 1853, and the continued output of the small workshop of Theodore after Grotrian joined him, until 1865 when Theodore sold the German business to the Grotrians and joined Steinway in New York.

As our chapter's delegate to PTG Council, Bill also briefly summarized the proposed bylaw changes for the annual Council meeting at the convention.

Elections were held, with the results as follows:
President: Bill Shull
Vice-President: Not filled
Secretary: Ed Boulware
Treasurer: Don Bigler
Board of Trustees: Ron Kneale, Herb Bridgeman, Paul Rea

An enjoyable discussion of the chapter's current and future status took place, and the spirit of optimism for future chapter meetings was pervasive, in spite of the decline in RPT chapter participation. While the position of Vice-President was not filled, Ron Kneale and Roger Domeny agreed to share the duties with President Bill Shull for finding programs. An excellent work session got the planning started with gusto!

There will be no meeting in July due to the Annual PTG Convention in Norfolk, VA. It's not too late to register and attend. Go to www.ptg.org