Saturday, October 29th
Time: 1:00 pm for sellers
Auction Starts at 2:00 pm
Location: Episcopal Church of the Messiah
614 North Bush Street, Santa Ana

Greetings to all Southern California piano technicians and readers of the PTG Southern California Newsletter.

For our September meeting, David Vanderlip was nice enough to share a lifetime of experience on the topic of grand dampers. The general idea was for a damper trouble shooting demonstration. We learned about the proper tools for the job and, more importantly, how to use them. We also learned the clues for what bend is causing the problem. Analyzing the cause correctly can save a lot of headaches. We are lucky to have David in our chapter, and he brought his wife Kathy Smith with him! Kathy in turn shared some excellent tips on detecting various damper noises and fixing them quickly. She has a trick with a capstan tool that is difficult to explain in writing. The demonstration was pretty amazing to witness - you should have been there. Our meeting was lightly attended due to circumstances beyond our control, but the members who did attend were treated to a very special class. A big thank you to David and Kathy for taking time out to share some great tips on a difficult topic that many technicians shy away from. Thank you to Field's Piano for providing a couple of willing Steinways we could tinker with. We feasted on some great sandwiches and snacks, too.

This month is our Annual Tool Auction!!! This will be the third year we have moved our meeting to Saturday and so far it has been a smashing success. The Episcopal Church of the Messiah is just off Main Street in downtown Santa Ana. It is easily accessed by most major Freeways in the OC, and very near the infamous Orange crush where the 5, 57, and 22 freeways meet. We are told the Pomona Valley Chapter will be attending, so it should make for a rowdy crowd. C ya there.