October Meeting: (2nd Tuesday)         Board Meeting:                Pie:
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Time: 7:30 pm                                     7:00 pm                           9:00 pm
Location: Kawai America
2055 E. University Dr.
Rancho Dominguez Hills

This month we are in for a treat! “The Donald” will be with us! Well, not that Donald actually, but Don Mannino RPT, and he promises to behave himself much better than the presidential candidate and present one of his seminars that has not been presented to the PTG in many years: “Concert Piano Service.”

Don reports that he has been having a run of concert piano prep jobs lately, and he would like to do his existing concert service seminar with added tips and recommendations based on his recent work. Don will talk some about working with pianists and soothing their insecurities, considerations for positioning the piano on stage, regulation aspects which affect the performance of the instrument, and of course voicing the piano for the best tone for the music being performed. Other points include dealing with broken strings, tuning styles for different types of events, working with lighting and other problems that can make tuning difficult, etc. Even if you never tune for concerts, you will gain insight into general service from this session. Don’t miss it!