No Meeting in February

Apologies for the late recap of December's meeting, but it can't go unheralded. In December, our chapter hosted its annual "Winterfest." We were pleased to be joined by members of other local chapters and enjoyed a bountiful banquet. The evening's entertainment surpassed expectations as pianists Beth Nam and Kevin Loucks played a four-hand program with finesse. Thanks to all who participated.

In January, our chapter joined multiple chapters for an all-day event hosted by Keyboard Concepts in Santa Monica. Please visit the Los Angeles Chapter's page of this newsletter for details about the day. Thanks to the event organizers and speakers for a fulfilling day.

In February, we have traditionally not had a meeting, and this year, our usual meeting night happens to be Valentine’s Day. For those reasons, we will next meet in March, when the program is sure to be good reason to get out there and convene with your colleagues. Stay tuned.