No Meeting in March

Next Meeting: Monday, April 17, 2017

Our February meeting was better than as advertised. It was held at Franco Skilan's Precision Piano Shop which is a great example of a shop set up for production. Assuming production is the basis of morale, Franco's morale must be very high.

The subject of the meeting was piano evaluation and appraisal. The difference between an official appraisal done by a certified appraiser and an evaluation was pointed out. The speakers, Kayoko Forrest, Franco and David Kreisberg, a former colleague of Kay's, gave us a detailed procedure for evaluating a piano and pointed out some of the liabilities of same. The importance of closing the door on any repercussions from the buyer or the seller was stressed and the suggestion of including the following statement on documentation: "The current market value of this instrument is approximately $___________. This is what a willing buyer might pay a willing seller, with neither party being under the obligation to either buy or sell."

Some guidelines to follow in evaluating a piano:

1. Call it an evaluation, not an appraisal.
2. Be honest with the client, don't misrepresent.
3. Follow the Law of Conservation of Aggravation - don't take on a job you aren't up to. Know when to bow out.

There will be no meeting in March. Instead, the Pomona Valley PTG Chapter is hosting a weekend seminar, with multiple classes and instructors, on March 18 & 19 in Riverside. With no WestPac this year, this will be THE Southern California event to attend. For more info visit www.socalptg.com.