April Meeting: (2nd Monday)         Board Meeting:
Date: Monday, April 10, 2017
Time: 7:30 pm                                 6:00 pm
Location: Shull Piano
610 Amigos Dr.
Redlands CA 92373

The SoCal Seminar March 18 and 19 was a great time for all who participated. From the informal Friday night jamming of David Weaver and Ron Kneale, to the excellent classes and concert with David Kim, to the tour of the Period Piano Center exhibit. From Reno, Fresno, Phoenix, Santa Barbara and all of our southern California chapters; several for whom this was their first PTG seminar or conference; and our own John Voss, who ran several Pomona Valley Chapter seminars many years ago. The spirit of learning and PTG fellowship is alive and well!

Thanks to all the chapters in Southern California for your participation and support.

This month we will all share the highlights of the seminar. There has been a lot of stimulating discussion generated by classes. Ace Ugai, David Stanwood and David Rubenstein and others captured our minds; conversation has continued since, and we're not done with it yet! If you couldn't make it to the Seminar come for this opportunity to review some of the highlights!