May Meeting: (2nd Tuesday)       Board Meeting:
Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Time: 7:30 pm                             7:00 pm
Location: Kawai America
    2055 E. University
    Dominguez Hills 90220

Thanks to Kawai for continuing to host our PTG chapter. In April, Michael Cahn organized a workshop with stations for practicing skills such as string splicing and flange pinning. Thanks, Mike, for a fun get-together with skills practice!

For the May technical program, our very own Bruce Stevens will invite your participation to diagnose the condition of a 1950 "quality grand piano action" and create a 'road map' for restoration that will lead to a positive and quality outcome. You could likely think that all the action needs is new shanks & flanges and hammers, but, is it really as straight forward as that??? You will be surprised by the problems of this "quality action" that lurk in the darkness! Following a limited amount of time to look over the action and make an assessment, Bruce will walk us through his process for determining what's wrong, what to do about it and how he is able to guarantee positive results.

Please join the group, especially if you haven't attended a meeting in a while. We miss you.

Plan to attend the St. Louis convention in July. There are detail-oriented courses to interest even veteran technicians as well as mini-technicals on every aspect of the piano technician's life, from business practices, problem service calls, and tuning, to case repairs and keeping your body fit. Planning to take a few of the exams towards RPT designation? Enroll in test prep courses. There's plenty going on, including city excursions for your plus-one.