June Meeting: (3rd Monday)
Date: Monday, June 19, 2017
Time: 6:00 – Socializing and good pizza
7:00 - Meeting
Location: Pierre's Fine Pianos
1039 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Our last meeting was held at Isaac Sadigursky's home in Westlake Village to celebrate his 70th birthday and enjoy a night of presented topics. We began with a smorgasbord fit for a king and discussed fears that young, beginning technicians may experience. It was a nice topic for our chapter, considering there have been a few new and young members join within the last few months. Some of the points discussed were where to buy tools/parts and that there is plenty of work to go around if one is proficient in doing repairs and refinements (e.g., repairing benches is a lucrative service and aids in safety; new stage pianos are not common to obtain). Isaac also shared some mistakes he made in his early career, so others do not repeat them, unknowingly; such as, not keeping actions around your shop too long (mice); flexibility in your work (learn when to say "no"); store all liquids on the bottom of your shelves (needs no explanation!); and clean-up/set-up is a waste of time (keep things organized)--which was a nice segue into touring his shop and exploring his organization methods. Afterward, the group reconvened inside to explore two of his three grand pianos, and he shared his experience with servicing and maintaining them, which included some discussion of important facts that every technician should know! We appreciate Isaac sharing his years of wisdom with us.

In June we will have a reprise of Paul Rea's "Everything Upright" that he presented at the SoCal PTG Seminar held in Riverside last March. Paul will cover Express Regulation of upright pianos; prepping uprights for sale both mechanically and cosmetically for dealers as well as repair or sale from your shop. We will cover the rules for avoiding "call backs."