There is no official meeting for June. However, anyone wishing to discuss Mihee's repair/rebuilding work can meet the second Monday in June (the 12th) at 6:00 pm at her store (Convoy Piano - 7276 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92111).

Our next regular meeting will be Monday September 11, 2017 at Mihee Lee’s store.

In May we had a good turnout. We talked about different electronic tuning methods. There were two different phone apps and an Accu-tuner 1. We talked about using pure 12ths; and Paul showed the Truly Pure program he was beta testing.

Paul volunteered to be our chapter delegate to the 60th annual PTG Convention. Thanks, Paul.

Thanks also to Mihee for the snacks.

Have a great summer everyone! See you in September.