October Meeting: (2nd Monday)
Date: Monday, October 9, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Jim Connolly’s Piano Kitchen
430 Rose Ave., Santa Barbara

At our September meeting, the Santa Barbara Chapter reviewed our by-laws and made several updates that reflect modern times and communication channels as well as bring them into alignment with how we actually operate. Ben S. reminded us that the PTG organizational structure and by-laws have changed, and that their meeting minutes are published on For the good of the order, we discussed how to stick up for ourselves and the Guild when others may be spreading false information or negative rumors.

During our technical session we touched on:

- from a 2011 Journal article, focusing on the first 1.5 seconds of sound when you play each note. Get the aural information you need and tune within that period, and overall tuning time will be dramatically reduced. Especially good advice for beginners.

- pinblock replacement issues

- how to coach customers to care for their climate control system

Our program on ARTIST BENCH REPAIR was led by Michael S., who detailed the parts and procedure needed to disassemble, service, and reassemble an adjustable artist bench that has become loose, noisy, or hard to operate. Jansen sells a kit with all the needed parts, and this is one of those heroic repairs that is relatively easy and worth doing on an inherently expensive piece of a serious player's equipment. FREE TIP: number all the pieces as you disassemble the bench!

Our next meeting will be on October 9th at 7pm at the Piano Kitchen (Jim Connolly) in Santa Barbara. The program will consist of Ben S. demonstrating vertical impact hammer technique, Dennis A. demonstrating grand impact hammer technique, and Evan A. reporting on the SCRC conference in Austin.