No Meeting in April

The LA Chapter met in March at the Santa Monica location of Keyboard Concepts. Jeff Bauer hosted us for very productive meeting. Thank you, Jeff. May our symbiotic relationship endure to our mutual benefit and that of the public we serve.

Kathy Smith, bottomless font of knowledge, spoke on grand regulation; but before she edificated (sic) us and extricated us from the abyss of missing data on the grand action, she and Kayoko educated us on the fact that associate members may now hold office. Although there was no unstoppable rush of associates volunteering for the available positions, it did get everyone considering how they might contribute more to the group. This is a good beginning. Leadership is not measured by how well you can tune a piano but by your affinity for the group, reality on same and willingness to communicate that reality. It also helps if you don’t change any of the successful actions of those who went before you. So, the upshot is that nominations are now being taken for offices. Search your soul and nominate.

Kathy then gave us a presentation that anyone could glean something from. I can’t enumerate them here but I personally was very glad to get this data as I am regulating two Steinway B pianos next week.

There will be no meeting in April, making it easier for you to get to WestPac. Everything you need to know is at https://ptgwestpac.org/.

A May meeting will be announced and you are welcome to bring friends and enemies alike.