No Meeting in April

Greetings to all Southern California piano technicians and readers of the PTG Southern California Newsletter.

Last month we met at Keyboard Concepts for a class called "Effective Efficiency in Four Hours." This class focused on reconditioning/prepping a piano in a four hour time slot. David Durben of Yamaha and Atsushi "Ace" Udai, a top Yamaha concert technician, walked us through prepping and regulating a new Yamaha grand out of the box in a limited time frame, focusing on evaluating from a pianist’s perspective and time management. Although similar to 37 steps, I would call this “37 steps light.” This class complemented and flowed very well from our February meeting with Kathy Smith on grand regulation. David and Ace demonstrated several quick and efficient regulating techniques. Although there is somewhat of a language barrier Ace was able to share many helpful tips in regulating. In the last two months we have received a lot of great advice on grand regulation from some of the industry’s top technicians in the world!!! If you do not attend meetings, you are missing out on some great stuff. You are also missing the spirit of the PTG.

On behalf of all of our members we thank Todd Peterson and the folks at Keyboard Concepts in Fountain Valley. We always have some snacks before a meeting. Keyboard Concepts put on one heck of a spread of ribs, pulled pork, mac & cheese and lots of other good stuff. Great and gracious hosts, thank you for the hospitality. If you haven't been to Keyboard Concepts lately, stop in and say hi. It's a beautiful store just off the 405 in the heart of the OC.

There will be no meeting in April.

The Orange County Board would like to ask all of our members to consider holding a chapter office in the coming year. With new changes in our organization, all members are now allowed to hold office. We will be accepting nominations and urge all of you to attend the May meeting for the election of chapter officers.

More information on May meeting will be provided in next month's Newsletter. We hope to see you at WestPac.