August Meeting: (3rd Monday) - NOTE: We're meeting a week earlier than usual
Date: Monday, August 20, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Home of David Vanderlip & Kathy Smith
724 North Citron Street, Anaheim, CA 92708
(714) 635-4120

Here's to the end of summer! We'll celebrate with an informal "round table" format of open discussion and knowledge sharing. Come to David and Kathy's for a meeting in the BYOD format. (That's "Bring Your Own Dinner.") Pack yourself a dinner to go and bring it to the "VanderSmith" residence and join in the talk. There are many places in the neighborhood to pick up a dinner to go: standard fast-food fare such as Jack in the Box, Subway, Carl's Jr, In-N-Out; or stand-alone and esoteric opportunities like Varsity Burger, Kapit Bahay, Umami Burger, and Ruby's Diner. Different from a pot-luck in that everyone brings what they're going to eat themselves.

How many times have we had trouble setting aside food, drink and conversation to allow for the formal presentation? At this meeting, the eating and chatting go until the Disneyland fireworks signal the end of the evening (or Kathy throws us out, whichever comes first.)

Find out what happened at convention, learn what local delegates learned at the National Council meeting, give your input on what presentations you'd like to see at this coming year's chapter meetings and find out what presentations have already been arranged. Mostly, come to get to know your local support group as we share information about our lives in this exceptional profession.
See you there.